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as of monday, millions of you still have not done your taxes as you wake thumb april 15th. you have the 1040s tansing in your head, i imagine. let's go crabbing. it looks like we could be in for a bush elf a good -- bushel of a good time this summer. good morning. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. let's go get a lack at the weather. we have a beautiful day today. spring is back in session and after temperatures running below normal for a few days we're back into the above normal trend.
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we'll be cooling down this weekend. something has to come in between and knock the temperatures back. but let's enjoy what we've got right now. clear skies and 43. no fog reported yet. there may be patchy valley fog, but not like yesterday morning. and the sun rices in just over an hour away. this afternoon's 2-degree guarantee, 74. and we'll slip into the 60s with the season set at 7:44:00 p.m. . traffic is moving pretty well around the beltway. we have one little issue to tell you about in a moment as we take a look at the cameras at 695 and harford road. also a water main break at highway 22 and route 40. that is blocking the right lane
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and the shoulder. back to you. today is tax deadline day. and you only have a few hours left if you have not done your taxes to get them postmarks. linda so is live at the baltimore post office with some important tips. >> reporter: good morning. it's easy to think after you've mailed it off at the post office and send it away your worries are over. but think again. you could become victims of identity theft. before you toss the papers into the trash, think about this, tax documents contain some of your most sensitive, personal and financial information making them a prime target for identity theft. don't just throw them away. you should shred them. >> make sure that you shred any
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documents that have your birth date, pin numbers and social security number, any other information like your mother's maiden name. >> reporter: remember. today the main post office in baltimore on fayette street offering extended hours. they're opening at 8:30 and stay open till midnight. it's estimate bad 47% of americans will pay no federal income tax for 2009. that's because either the incomes were too low or they qualified for enough credits and deductions. governor said that maryland's crab population is on the rebound. during a trip to the eastern shore, he discussed how is crabbers have seen a spike in the blue crab population. and the good numbers don't come without concern from waterman. the department of natural
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resources is plaguing restrictions for 2,000 watermen that crab on the bay. >> out of state crabbers have absorbed a lot of this market here, probably six0 70% of the market. >> maryland officials say it's way too early to see if the restrictions will be ease up a little bit. former governor bob ehrlich shed some light on his decision to run again. >> it needs new leader they are and we think can fix what is wrong in annapolis. >> he appeared on "good morning maryland" at 9:00 yesterday. he note that the campaign will not be an easy sell for most marylanders. >> it's a tough state. eyes wide open. i'm a republican. it's tough for republicans to win here. we win every 50, 60 years in maryland. but by the same token, the pole
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numbers are strong. >> we extended an invitation to govern to govern -- governor o'malley. another headache for toyota this morning. >> toyota is temporarily putting the breaks on the sales of that suv. the pace of foreclosures picking up. but the weather is picking up. a nice day today. a beautiful day today. temperatures down to 43 degrees. we're pretty much on target with normal. but we'll jump above normal into the 70s this afternoon. you can follow the wakeup window at the bottom of the screen. let's go to the mta and check in with mark jones. >> reporter: good morning. you'll find the buses, a heavy
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involve passengers on the 13, seven, and 19 bus lines. light rail and the metro subway right on schedule and the mark train system no reported. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. if you've taken your sleep aid
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5:39. let's take a look at our weather with justin berk. -- justin? we got ourselves a clear sweep and 5:40 on the clock. and temperature 43 in baltimore. look at oakland, maryland. they're at 50. if they're at 50, that's a sign that warmer air will build in for us and we'll get a taste of that shortly. a chilly start this morning. york, pennsylvania 34 degrees. we got a clear sky and a little bit of patchy fog this morning. it is going to be a virtually sunny one from sunrise at 6:30 to sunset at 7:44.
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we'll hit the temperature of 77 degrees for our 2-degree guarantee this afternoon. the traffic is moving pretty well this morning as you head out on this tax day. get your taxes together. take a look at your drive times this morning as you head out to 695 and outer loop. 95 southbound and white marsh boulevard, a three minute ride and take a look at the map. there's a water main break at the route 22 at aberdeen freeway and route 40 blocking the right lane. and look out for heavy traffic 95 southbound between white marsh and 695. overnight construction crews are not quite cleared that away. and traffic is building in parkville on the outer loop of 695 and now out to linda so. >> reporter: she had is the day. it's tax deadline day. everything you need to know if
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you have not filed yet. >> reporter: protesters prepare for a rally in towson today. i'm sherrie johnson. i'll tell what you they're talking about coming up. [ male announcer ] why settle for cable?
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tax day 2010. and it's a tradition for some of to you drop your taxes right before midnight in the box. and linda so is live near that box. >> reporter: that box is right over there. i have not really seen anyone just yet drop off our tax returns. the people that we talked to this morning they did it way long ago they can't wait till the last minute because it's too nerve-racking. they extended the hours today because the tax deadline day. they're opening at 8:30 and stay open till midnight. tax returns must be postmarked no later than today f you're dropping it off in a collection box, check the pickup time. and the main post office here in baltimore will stay open till midnight. and the annapolis post office has extended the hours from 9:00 to 6:00. and we've learned that the
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state come troll certify on the way -- comptroller is on the way. we'll have some important tips to remember regarding your tax returns so you don't become a victim of identity theft. live in town down baltimore, linda so abc 2 news. thousands of demonstrators plan to take part in tea party rallies around the country. sherrie johnson is live downtown. >> reporter: right now all is quiet. but later on this afternoon, things might get a little heated. they're having a tea party movement here today. they hope that a number of people turn out for this event. much like the national tea party movement, today's rally is a grass roots effort ever. the official stand is simple.
5:47 am
less government and less taxes. they held signs at the corner of york and bosley and they went door-to-door with flyers, anything to get people to come out and hear the message. >> we're asking that our legislatures take a step back, understand that everybody else in this economic times have to tighten their belts and close their wallets and government needs to do the same thing that ordinary taxpayers do. >> reporter: today's local event is expected to bring republican supporters and democratic backers. and the national movement kicks off at 11:00 in washington d.c. this morning. nationally syndicated tom joiner is bringing his morning show back to baltimore. he'll broadcast live from the maryland general hospital tomorrow. and the goal is to encourage baltimore residents to turn in
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their census forms. you can return your form to official census workers that will be on site. and say hello to tom and the rest of the crew. good morning. 5:48. you got to feel for some of the people putting in the last minute efforts for taxes today whether the tax preparers or the people collecting it at the post office or all you procrastinators just waiting in line to drop in at the last moment. if you're doing that, you're wasting time. it's going to be a gorgeous day. yesterday 62 and sunshine, 77 in charleston, west virginia. and we start off with widespread 40s across the region. a few pockets. cross the northeast, 50 right now. this is the starting trend and -- starting point as we spring
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board to a nice day. we watch and shift our folk to us the next weather system, a frontal boundary draping its way across the upper northwest. a tremendous fireball caught in the night key from a sheriff's dashcam in minnesota in through wisconsin who saw this thing. and now they can see some benefits of lightning with the next approaching frontal boundary. that system is going to shift our winds. we go from west to southwest and it pumps up the warmer temperatures. we'll get a taste that have frontal boundary and hopefully no fireballs in our sky. today, nine and tomorrow but we'll finish with clouds and rain. this is the mason dixon line where it will hit about 4:00. most the energy is going to slide to the north. we'll take it and stop it at 9:00 p.m. on friday. and heavier showers, maybe
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storms back in through western maryland just around the pittsburgh area and pa and we have our receives northern of lancaster into the poconos and metro new york, the heaviest band of rainfall as the upper piece of energy slides to our north. showers move in and stay with us on and off friday evening through is it a morning and the front slides to the south. and we're left with clouds and cooler breeze. and we'll break out some sunshine. but it will be a noticeably cooler weekend. our 2-degree guarantee getting us ten degrees above normal. a gorgeous day, 70 in westminster and eastern shore, fine shape. tonight we split back with the skies trying to turn partly cloudy, the high thin clouds, keeping our temperatures up at 53 and the clouds gradually build up home and evening
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showers could arrive as early as 3:00 to 5:00. we'll get up to a daytime high on friday of 77. and now to troy and traffic. traffic is moving pretty well around the beltway. we have a water main break to teal with in aberdeen. here's a look at the your drive times as you head out the door. and take a look at the harrisburg compress way, you see the lights heading towards 695, the traffic moving freely in both directions. there's a water main break route 22, the aberdeen thruway and 40. the crews are working on that at this hour. and the traffic building parkville and the outer loop of 695 between liberty road and baltimore national pike. stay close. we have more "good morning maryland" coming up next. ♪
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chinese authorities say that more than 600 people were killed by a series of
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earthquake in the west province yesterday. the scene is quote, is very ghastly. most houses are made of wood and mud, nearly all of them collapsed. there are reports that toyota is considering recalling the lexus gx360, a toyota spokesman could not confirm that. consumer reports came out and said, don't buy it, after questions were raise bad the vehicle's stability. toyota has decided to stop the vehicle while it runs its own tests. more americans are falling behind on their mortgage payments. there's a surge of foreclosure in the first three months of 2010. they say that the number of home taken over by banks jumped 35% compared to a year ago. we're five minutes away from 6:00. the president takes his plan to the future of space program to the kennedy center today. he wants to shift the agency's focus from the moon to mars.
5:56 am
a famed astronaut neil armstrong does not like this plan, saying it will hurt america's leadership in space. but another space pioneer, buzz aldrin came out in favor of the changes. >> i think we should set our sights higher than just returning to moon. that is not america. america leads and should be leading in space. >> listen to this, the president's plan includes developing a big new rocket ship capable of reaching a nearby asteroid. we got ourselves a gorgeous day and the temperatures back into the 70s today and tomorrow and the showers bring us back a cooler weekend as we slide to a high of 65 on saturday, 60 on sunday. but it should be a drier day. we have more on the morning weather coming up in a moment. here's a quick peek of traffic with troy. 695 and liberty road, traffic is moving freely. there are water main breaks at route 22 and 40 blocking the
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right lane. and one in baltimore city at virginia avenue and only.
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cut taxes and spending. but if you're going to do one, you have to do the other. >> they call it a rally for change. tea partiers take their voice to the nation's capitol and towson today. new information about john mckenna. >> reporter: there's no more waiting. i'm linda so. it's tax deadline day how post office workers getting ready for the last minute crunch. all those stors

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